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Authorized Partner Of ATTACK s.r.o.

We are an authorized partner of ATTACK s.r.o. in the UK, providing biomass boilers installation and maintenance services.

Boilers Made From The Sun!

ATTACK s.r.o. uses one of the renewable energy sources to produce biomass boilers. Photovoltaic panels with an output of 200 kWp power our production technologies, helping to protect the environment that is essential for us to live.

Boiler made of sun-blue-SLXCP[19900].jpg

ATTACK  Biomass Boilers

While having already a decent installations footprint in the country from the past and considering a new Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which has been available since March 2022 for next 3 years, ATTACK s.r.o. opted for MCS certification some of its bestselling domestic biomass boilers. 

We, at DLK TECHNOLOGIES, have a Slovak roots and decent contact to boilers manufacturer itself. Thus, we decided to support the brand further across the UK market, especially, because domestic biomass boilers would be a natural fit to DLK TECHNOLOGIES long term activity within commercial biomass boilers.

Today, we are here to assist and provide all the information needed to potential distributors or MCS certified contractors, who would be interested to grow their business with the ATTACK s.r.o. brand in the wake of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme or any eligible projects.

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